Monday, July 1, 2013

Moving Tips & Things I Learned

Well the time is here! Mr. Bumblebee leaves shortly for Korea. We had to move all our stuff into storage because I am moving back home to live with my parents while he is gone (mostly because my job is ending due to the company closing our location). So I will be sleeping on an air mattress for about a month but it was wonderful to have him around to help and drive the big moving truck. Also if you haven't heard next year we are moving to....GERMANY! We are super exciting about traveling and getting to visit many different countries! Now we just need to get through the next year apart unfortunately.

Here are my moving tips:
1. Buy supplies ahead of time (tape, boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc.) I got boxes from others moving on base. I was able to get two huge roles of packing paper from the local newspaper office and I bought bubble wrap for a great price on Amazon.
2. Buy plastic bins when they go on sale after holidays to use to store clothing etc.
3. Keeps boxes for electronics and appliances so when it comes time to move those items already have a secure box.
4. Use plastic sandwich bags to hold screws or brackets together - then tape or tie to the object they belong to
5. Numbers your boxes and keep a notebook with a list of what each box contains.


  1. Yay Germany is fun! I'm just down in Italy if you want to swing down for a visit!

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  3. If I may add, if you have luggages and bags that aren’t in use, best fill those up before using up the packaging boxes. That way, you don’t have a lot of clutter to clean up after unpacking. Also, instead of using up bubble wrap for china and other fragile objects, consider using clothes, towels and other things that can cushion them when in transit. That way you get storage space for those, as well as keep your china safe.

    Clay @ World Packaging