Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Insanity is No Joke

One week through and already feeling results. The workouts are less than an hr and full of cardio that kicks you into shape. I can't wait to go through all 60 days and feel in great shape!

Living at home has been an adjustment but having my brother to do insanity with and my mom to shop with has been great!

Mr Bumblebee's birthday is Sunday and his care package is on its way!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Perfect World

"If it were a perfect world, I could stretch my arms all the way to where you are, and give you a great big hug." (card from Mr. Bumblebee).

After traveling the midwest to visit friends and family for a couple weeks it is good to be settled for the mean time. I have realized I have a lot of stuff and no where to put it (haha) so I am working on simplifying everything. Starting with my closet.

The temporary job search is on and I am hopeful to find something soon. I would love to be able to save more money and help pay for his midtour ticket home and my ticket to see him next spring. I also would like to keep busy so time flies until his return home.

We ordered "Five Loves Languages: Military Edition" and I am super excited to read it together and learn more about our love languages and how we can show each other more love while living the military life. I miss him so much but I am thankful and feel blessed to be able to communicate with him daily.