Saturday, April 12, 2014

1 yr older and Visiting South Korea

Had a great birthday full of family time and surprises from Mr Bumblebee. 

A few days later I came to South Korea to visit Mr Bumblebee and it has been an adventure so far! We have been enjoying exploring and trying new things. So great to spend time together! 

Seoul was awesome and we used to find a place to stay which worked out wonderfully! We went up Seoul Tower and locked on our love on the lock wall of love. Also mailed a postcard from there which will be fun to get in the mail. We tried some street food like sausage wrapped in a batter, sweet filled pancakes, potato spiral stick, and these cookies that tasted like burnt marshmallow. We also had these cheese bagels from Dunkin Donuts which I loved! Did a little shopping in Myeondong as well which was fun to look around. The Korean War Museum was an informative visit and a cool stop on our Seoul trip. Riding the train and subway had it's ups and downs but we made it! 

Looking forward to more adventures...