Our Adventures

I love to travel and since meeting Mr. Bumblebee and getting married we have been able to visit both overseas and local spots. We are excited about our adventures to come.

Chicago, IL - Mrs. Bumblebee lived
Dayton, OH - Mr. Bumblebee lived
Indiana - visited friends
San Antonio, TX - BMT
Charlotte, NC - where Mrs. Bumblebee's fam lives
Goldsboro, NC - SJAFB (first base)
Raleigh, NC - near SJAFB
Atlantic Beach - near SJAFB
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic - Honeymoon <3
Fort Bragg, NC - near SJAFB/visited friends/fam
Bagram, Afghanistan - Deployment #1 (just hubby)
Myrtle Beach, SC - vacation
Ogden, UT - TDY (just hubby)
Wilmington, NC - near SJAFB
Williamsburg, VA - vacation

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