Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pre-deployment pics

I realized I never shared the pics we got before he left...enjoy!!! Thanks to KimJo Photography for her awesome vision and creativity!

4.5 miles in honor of those who serve

On October 15, 2011 my dad, lil brother, and I ran 4.5 miles in support of the Wounded Warrior Project. I wore a sign on my back to show my support of my husband which led to a picture of my sign ending up in the Charlotte Sunday paper! It was an accomplishment for a great cause!

This deployment hasn't been too bad. I am keeping busy with weekly dinners, working out, being involved in the key spouse program, and spending time with fellow af wives.

Mr. Bumblebee is doing well. He says the days fly by for him which is good. Please continue to keep him and I in your prayers!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cooking adventures thanks to Pinterest

I <3 Pinterest and might be a little addicted :) But I did find a recipe for a cake with pumpkin puree and decided to give it a try. Super easy and delicious! It was better right after I took it out of the oven but still good later. Mr. Bumblebee loves pumpkin so I may try other recipes likes pumpkin cookies with chocolate chips.

All you need is the ingredients in the pic above. Cook for 28 min in a 350 degree oven in a 8x11 pan!

Where did summer go?

The end of August has come which is crazy to think about. Summer flew by but was full of many adventures. We went to Ohio to visit Mr. Bumblebees family and enjoyed fishing and getting to meet our newest niece. We moved and love our new place (pics will come once I get the house looking cute). We also brought back from Ohio a dog named Maggie. She was Mr. Bumblebees dog in high school and his mom decided we could take her since she was caring for three dogs herself. She can be trouble sometimes but we love her. It has been one hot summer here in NC but just today we experienced high winds and lots of rain due to hurricane Irene. No power outage or real damage so that's a praise!

As summer ends we are preparing for Mr. Bumblebee's deployment and taking time to enjoy each other and grow closer to God!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Honeymoon to Puerto Plata, DR

We traveled to the DR from May 3-8. It was a great week! We stayed at Be Live Carey Hotel on Confressi Beach. I wrote a review on Tripadvisor if anyone is interested in reading about our trip.

Our favorite part was a tour we took where we were able to hike up and slide/jump down 12 waterfalls! It was a workout but fun at the same time. It was wonderful to get away and enjoy time together. Mr. Bumblebee is wonderful and deserved a vacation for sure!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring Update

I got my Pyrex pots which I love!!!

We have become situated in our offbase house but are projected to move onbase in August before Mr. Bumblbee deploys. Since the holidays I have started a job as a photographer for a company that does school-related pictures (i.e. yearbook, prom). In the meantime I will look onbase for something else, but it's a blessing to have a job at this time. Before my job I did get into cooking & baking more. Banana bread was the best!

With spring arriving in Goldsboro we decided to plant daisies! :) My favorite!!!

We pray that all our family and friends are doing well! We miss you all!

36 days till our honeymoon to the Dominican Republic!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

mr and mrs into the holidays

It's been a while since I have really updated this blog. Let me start from before we got married. One week before the wedding, the house Mr. Bumblebee was living in (our current residence) was broken into and all our electronics were stolen. It was unfortunate but we cannot move until someone decides to rent our place in order to essentially take over our lease. We are trusting in God's timing.

December 4, 2010 = the best day in my life! Our wedding was wonderful and it was great to see family and friends who made the trip to South Carolina. We love you all!

Christmas was wonderful because we were able to go to Ohio for a few days to see Mr. Bumblebee's family and then go to Fort Mill to see my family! Kendra's boyfriend Mike was able to visit Fort Mill after Christmas, therefore they were able to come to Goldsboro for New Years! It was great to spend time with them and Mr. Bumblebee loved having someone to play BlackOps and Nerf gun with.

Currently we are enjoying the lack of snow here on the east coast and growing each day in our marriage. I am job searching which has left me with time to actually cook dinner most nights. I do not enjoy cooking but it has been encouraging to see I can make some decent meals.

Please keep my job situation and our house situation in your prayers!!!!