Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter Cleaning

Last week Mr. Bumblebee went home to visit his family (I did not have any vacation time) so I took that time to clean out some rooms in the house. I went through several bins and got rid of junk and made piles to 'give away' or 'sell'. Now that he is home we are going to tackle the garage one weekend and of course our closets always need a good sorting. I love when the house is organized and clean!

*before & after pics to come

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Sr Airman

CONGRATS to Mr. Bumblebee on being promoted to Sr Airman! I am so proud of him! <3 Rach (I need a signature design)

Funnel Cakes & Fishing

On our way to enjoy Williamsburg, VA we stopped in Richmond and ate at The Black Sheep (famous on Man vs. Food). We ordered the USS Wabash which was delicious and then had dark chocolate creme brule!
Once in Williamsburg we went to a winery and visited many great restaurants and shops! It was a wonderful mini vacation!
One of our favorite parts was going to Busch Gardens! We of course had to get a funnel cake!
For Mr. Bubmblebee's 23rd Bday we went camping in Washington, NC at Tranter's Campground. Great place and cute town! Maggie went crazy while fishing but loved the fire at night.