Monday, August 20, 2012


Mr. Bumblebee went on a 25 day TDY (training trip) so I have been spending the last few weeks working out a little extra. I also tried a 3 days cleanse involving lots of protein and grapefruit. Although I wasn't as hungry during those days I definitely will not be able to eat grapefruit for a while. Pinterest has been wonderful with different work out ideas. Last week I did do a 10 min circuit 3 times which I felt great about accomplishing. Here is the breakdown (each exercise you do for 1 min):

Squat + Shoulder Press/ Renegade Rows/ Burpees/ Mountain Climnbers/ Squat Jumps/ Plank Jacks/ Push-ups/ Plyo-Split Hops/ Oblique Crunches/ Ice Skaters

Although it can be lonely when he is gone, I am able to get things done around the house and step up my fitness routine. I am looking forward to his return later this week and the fun adventures we have planned in the next couple months!

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