Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Lil Fishy

Lately I have been trying to eat more vegetables and less carbs. I also have been more open to fish. I actually really like the salmon we cook in foil packets. We use some seasoning and lemon juice and it cooks in 20 minutes! It is super yummy and filling.

This week Mr. Bumblebee has to work nights so when I get up for work he is only a couple hours if that into his sleeping, so I let the dog out of her crate and into the bed because I know that way she won't wine and wake him up. This morning I let her in the bed, got ready for work, and came back to grab my phone by the bed to see her laying next to my husband. She took my spot! I guess I was just a little jealous lol. The picture is too cute though!

Btw...I hate base exercises (where they 'play war')!!!

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