Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Boot Camp Blues

I have decided to start a blog to capture the adventures that I am sure to encounter while loving Mr. Bumblebee, a soon-to-be United States Airman.

Only a couple more weeks and I will get to see Mr. Bumblebee!!! It has been a crazy six weeks so far. Writings letters and getting a phone call every couples weeks have been the joys! He had a hard time at first but is doing well! Last week at the shooting range he did so well that he got a special badge for his uniform! Woohoo!

This experience and stretched us both and tested our relationship. The awesome thing is that Christ has and always will be at the center of our relationship, which has kept Mr. Bumblebee and I linked in a deep way. Through his letters and conversations I can already see how God has worked in his heart and developed him into a man of God and a United States Airman. I look forward to growing in our relationship and seeing where the Air Force takes us.

Please keep him in your prayers! Thanks for your support through all of this!

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